Bike fitting by STT-systems




Bike fitting by STT-systems only available at Bike it up shop in Mosta!!

STT bike fit system helps us after a few seconds, to provide tracking data and automatic analysis of the entire body which enables us to find the correct position on the bike.

STT Systems utilizes a 3D motion capture to record the cyclist’s movements. It records motion at 100 fps (frames per second) – 5 times more precise than the Retül bike fit system. This system is so convenient because no cables or batteries are needed to be attached to the rider

And in just 5 mins, the fitter or trainer is able to get real-time data on the rider’s motion, both sides simultaneously. This allows the bike fitter to make fast and easy adjustments to a rider’s position using objective and highly accurate fit measurements to guide the changes.

Specific reports can be generated with a single click for roadMTBtriathlon and time trial bikes.


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