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The Cross E-Bike Devron 28161 28” –is a new cross e-bike suitable for all kinds of trips. The reliable 250W ETM X2 motor will make pedaling easier. However, to keep you safe, the motor stops when you reach the 25kph speed. The motor is placed in the rear hub, thus allowing for better torque transmission, better maneuverability and making the bike suitable for terrain riding. The battery is placed on the bottom frame tube for better weight distribution. The 11Ah battery allows for a 110km distance range, making the bike suitable for long trips. You can follow all the important information on the easy-to-read LCD display.

The Cross E-Bike Devron 28161 28” features a durable and lightweight aluminum frame, Suntour suspension fork with 63mm travel and high-quality Shimano components. The 24-speed lever gear shifter and reliable Mitas tires allow for a smooth ride. Moreover, the tires also feature a reflective stripe which improves the visibility and thus safety of the rider in low light conditions. You may also appreciate the comfortable seat, soft handlebar grips, practical kickstand and sophisticated design (the cables go through the middle of the frame and therefore will not bother you during the ride). All of the above makes the Cross E-Bike Devron 28161 28”a popular cross bike.



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