Wahoo KICKR BIKE SHIFT WIFI – Indoor Bike Trainer




Wahoo KICKR BIKE SHIFT WIFI – Indoor Bike Trainer


The Wahoo KICKR BIKE SHIFT offers you an incomparable riding experience in a powerful, efficient and effective design. It blurs the lines between reality and simulation. The KICKR BIKE SHIFT features a new drive system that allows for lightning-fast response to climbs and changes in incline and power. An app allows you to configure the 5-point adjustment system. This makes it easy to adjust frame, setback and reach dimensions to optimize the overall geometry of the bike for comfort and performance. The KICKR BIKE SHIFT features the same virtual shifting and custom shifting of the KICKR BIKE. You have the ability to customize the gear ratios, including the number of gears and even the number of cassette teeth. Thus, most groupsets from major manufacturers can be replicated for a personalized riding experience.

Highlights of the Wahoo Fitness KICKR BIKE SHIFT.

  • WiFi connection to your home network
  • KICKR Direct Connect
  • Simulated incline from +20% to -15%.
  • ERG Easy Ramp
  • Improved brake and belt drive
  • Programmable virtual gear shift and custom gear configuration




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