Bike It Up are sole agents for Wilier Triestina, Merida bikes, Factor bikes, De Rosa, Carrera Bikes, Olmo bikes, Alpina bikes, Devron bikes, Wahoo fitness, Vittoria shoes, Pirelli tires, Salice, Ursus and KRU wheels.

Bike It up offers also a profesional bike fitting service supported by STT bike fitting systems. With stt bike fitting systems  we find the Proper fit on the bike which is critical for every type of rider. If you are an entry level rider, the proper fit ensures maximum comfort and cycling ease. If you are a more experienced rider, proper fit increases your  efficiency, power and comfort. Proper fit takes into account the rider’s individual goals, physical assessment including flexibility issues, and addresses any previous injuries and rider history. Regardless of the level of the cyclist, proper fit also reduces the chance of cycling induced injuries and can help with older injuries.

Bike It Up is managed by Steve Sciberras, an experienced road cyclist with a keen eye for high performance cycling equipment and their impeccable upkeep. Steve is determined to embed his approach to cycling within Bike It Up bicycle and repair shop.

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